Humble Beginnings

Our Humble Beginnings

Quick to arrive, appears to be excellent quality, cheers” – February 2015

In late 2014 we decided to begin offering Tianeptine as a pure analytical compound on eBay. Since then, the response has been incredible and we’ve jumped from a modest and humble store to a globally recognised specialist.


Not long after our first sale in February 2015, we’ve steadily grown and adapted to our customer’s feedback to give exceptional products and services – which have not only excelled in sales but progressed dynamically as a we became Tianeptine specialists.

Customer Service: Mastered 

“The wise musicians are those who play what they can master”

Not only will you find that our professional staff offer a first class dedicated customer service experience, but we have become masters in our field and that’s why we’re not ashamed to “blow our own horn” – (so to speak).


By providing detailed scientifically sourced information – our customers have quickly found themselves instilled with trust and confidence. Our expert knowledge within the ever expanding Tianeptine niche is not only important but passionate.

Customer Service- Mastered
Pure Tianeptine

Fast, Pure & Secure

“Being the best is the only market that is not crowded”

Being simple and transparent is key to our business. Although we do offer extremely well cited and heavily referenced product information, we also pride ourselves on the simplicity of our website’s order process from start to finish.


As product purity is paramount to our business, we provide a third party HPLC laboratory analysis which shows, not only the highest Tianeptine quality – but the level of integrity we maintain as a global Tianeptine pinnacle.

100% Positive Feedback

“To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one”

Since we opened our doors many moons ago, we’ve gone above an beyond to delivery a dynamic, customer focused service. By listening and learning from our core customer group, we’ve maintained an impeccable 100% positive feedback rating.


We’ve managed to achieve this by consistently following three simple rules; provide tracked and guaranteed delivery, ensure only pure Tianeptine is ever sold and respond to our customers in a fast and friendly professional manner.

100% Ebay Feedback